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Hanson Robotics wants to provide its users a professional, friendly and easy to use interface to its robot products. The robot control system is a sophisticated system with many highly technical components. It is desirable to create an interface on top of this infrastructure that provides the user with an approachable interface that is pleasant to interact with and suggests the capabilities available to the user. While such an interface could be built as a desktop application the recent trend has been to provide these capabilities "in the cloud" via a web interface. Therefore, we will build an easy to use web based environment for interacting with the installed users.

The tool will primarily allow web users to visually inspect the contents and configurations of ROS domains and alter the connections between various publisher and subscriber nodes. The implementation will be Javascript based and try to use adaptive web technologies that will allow it to be used with both desktop and mobile devices.


  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Draw2D for node visualization
  • D3js for data stream visualization
  • Bower for javascript dependencies
  • Grunt for running web builds
  • Websockets based data exchange
  • Python? (at least for some things)
  • Tornado for the server?
  • NGINX for static assets