Physiological Action Units (PAU)

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A Physiological Action Unit (PAU) is a unit of representation of the physiological state of a character agent, person, animal, or any organism with biologically-analogous physiology. Roughly speaking, a PAU corresponds to a physical degree-of-freedom of skeletal motion or musculature (of a robot rig or a biological body), although it can also be used to represent more abstract states, such as emotional states.

PAU serves as an abstract, unified physiological format for building sets of extensible models of various physiological states, which can be customized and expanded as needed. PAU units can include facial actions, body actions, emotional states, metabolic states, etc. Physiological data from various sources can be translated into PAU as a common representation, which can then be translated to other formats; for example: a configuration of actuators in a given robot. As an example, face feature tracking data from Faceshift software is translated into a PAU model, which then is translated to motor configurations for a Hanson-Dmitroid robotic face model in ROS, to drive both a facial model in Morse and an actual robot face. In other instances, PAU can represent biped body physiology, hand physiology, programmatic animations as physiological perception-action loops and their state graphs.

Dmitroid head model

Circa 2014-05-15, the Dmitry face model includes a blender rig and a physical head.

  • The Dmitroid has 42 degrees of freedom: 4 neck (roll, yaw, pitch x two), 1 jaw, 2 shoulders, 2 tongue, 2 eyeturns, 1 eyes up-down, 4 eyelids, 2 scalp, 3 lower lip actions, 3 upper lip actions, 2 zygo.majors, 2 depr.labii, 2 buccinators, 2 lip drawstrings (one upper lip, one lower), 2 nasalis, 2 duchenne/orb.oris, 5 frontalis/proceris, 2 cheek puff motors.
  • The Dmitroid's Blender model/rig is being constructed to accurately represent the robot's degrees of freedom. Python scripting in BGE will translate PAU input from ROS into Dmitroid-accurate motor actions. BGE will output these motor actions to ROS, which will send the motor commands to Morse and the robot.

Eva face and head model

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