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This is a site describing the open source software and hardware created by Hanson Robotics. It was newly created in December 2014 and is a work in progress, currently in the process of being populated with useful content.

With our efforts, we intend to create (a strong illusion of, and eventually the actual reality of) human life within interactive characters, both virtual and robotic. In pursuit of this goal, our software includes/integrates many features and platforms, including artistic animation, robotic controls, machine perception, natural language dialogue, machine learning and AI. The software and its pieces may serve many purposes including research, entertainment, and medical applications. Feel free to add new descriptions of features, uses, ideas, opinions, and feedback from field deployments and tests.

We keenly appreciate that many groups and people are working in related areas, and we thank our many collaborators including Open Cog, Cogbot, iCog, the NextGen Systems Group, etc.

Please participate, contribute and help bring intelligent characters to life!


Strategy and Planning

Software System Overview

PUMA - Perception Understanding Motivation Action



See also the diagram source.

Company Information


Art, Character, Narrative



Software development process

Software architecture

Software technology demo



Character Modeling

Cognitive Modeling

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