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Welcome to the Body-Hardware wiki!

This Repository and wiki focus on open source humanoid body hardware (on which may mount expressive robotic faces).

Such robot bodies may include walking bipedal legs and torsos, hands and arms for grasping, manipulation and gestures, and manufacturing techniques. In addition to mechatronics designs, work in this domain also can include forays into control systems, material science, application design, aesthetics, HRI, and product design, among others.

Here we publish not only our own work, but also adaptations and links to relevant external projects. In so doing, we hope the wiki may eventually evolve into a sort of miniWikipedia for open source humanoid robot bodies.

Our first work in this Body-Hardware section--a robot body called Morphi--adapts and expands upon a well-known French open source robot named Poppy ( In addition to adaptations to accommodate Hanson Robotics' expressive heads, the Morphi project changes Poppy in several other key regards. First, Morphi scales up Poppy from its original (.84m) height, to an adult human scale of 1.6m. To accommodate the increased demands of this larger scale, we substitute larger motors, strengthen the frame, and stabilize the joints. We also modify the body to accommodate expressive head motors in the torso with cable drives leading up through the neck, modify the neck to be more expressive and stronger, include self-contained processors, more sensors, body enclosures, batteries, and sundry electronics. We also adapt the body proportions to more closely match adult human proportions. Additionally, we add gestural, grasping hands. This design work is partially complete and we hope to show a functioning prototype within 6 to 9 months.

Morphi is merely one of numerous humanoid body projects. Feel free to add your own results, notes, suggestions, and/or project to this repository.

Viva la Robolution!