Servo setup

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  1. Load up Pololu Maestro Control Center
  2. Test servo min/max and record in Google Drive>HARDWARE: Hanson Robotics Hardware Folder> HDW: Neck-and-head-mechanism>Eva motor expression Pololu ID table (these values are measured in phase)
  3. Click on the sheet tab, Motorized Facial Action Table, update the min/max phase values in the table
  4. Click on the sheet tab, Configs.
  5. Find below all the servos listed, the master Pololu config for all servos. Currently at B42 and copy the cell contents for that servo.
  6. Open shell
  7. Navigate to: /catkin_ws/src/robot_config/
  8. git pull
  9. edit eva/face.yaml
  10. paste in contents over the existing content of this file.
  11. save the file
  12. git commit -am "update servos"
  13. git push
  14. rebuild docker
  15. relaunch